God’s Perfect Timing…..

I am in such awe at the thought of how many times God’s timing has proved itself to be “perfect”. I would say that there are also MANY times I have not understood His path… at first. I am reminded of the saying I once heard…. “God does not say no, He says, not now.” … Continue reading God’s Perfect Timing…..

How to “Get your Passion On!”

“The more you fail at being someone else, the more you succeed in become you.” I believe you cannot have true passion in your life without your walk with God being as sweet as it can be. Start your day with God and be sure to have this walk with Him first and foremost, but … Continue reading How to “Get your Passion On!”

Do you have Passion?

Passion means to have a very strong feeling about something or someone. It is an intense emotion. Recently, I painted a canvas with little regard to style, form, or design, I just let passion direct my hand into this painting and I painted what I felt. I posted this painting and within minutes, my painting … Continue reading Do you have Passion?