• Why I do Not Worry about Social Media Numbers


    Many people have asked me why I don’t worry about my numbers in social media. This doesn’t mean that I don’t post regularly and put a lot of effort into my postings. It’s just that I don’t obsess over the numbers. Whether it’s the lack of numbers or how they’re looking and let me tell […]

  • You Cannot Out Give God


    A very special time is that first cup of coffee, when I open a book of devotionals that I hope to have talk to me about those things that God has been wanting me to hear.  I feel as if it those words on the page of this magical book that will contain the words […]

  • BRAVE, Not Perfect……


    As I reflect on my life as a woman and an artist, I see the many layers of who I am.  My first layer is a woman that has responsibilities to my family, my husband, my son, and his family, and even to myself.   My second layer is this vulnerable introverted artist that prefers to […]

  • Does God Answer All of Our Prayers


    YES, absolutely!! Here is my story. Lately there have been many things in my life that are out of my control, and I cannot see what the end might be. I pray and sometimes it seems I am praying blindly.  I am expecting the end of a situation to go one way, and it goes another.  […]

  • God’s Perfect Peace…… my painting will forever remind me of that fact.


    God speaks to being thankful in every situation. But what if we are just “not in the mood”, or angry, or too scared to be thankful.  I have been there.  I did not want to be in that place, but emotions took over and I just could not be thankful.  About three months ago, I […]

  • God Paints my Canvas with His Love


    Many times, I paint when I am angry or sad.  I call these paintings my emotional paintings as there are filled with incredible marking, textures, and layers. I have to say, my angry paintings really turn out great as they have a lot of movement and marks.  Of course, there are times I paint when […]

  • The Gift God Has Given Me are Perfect for ME!


    God talks about how He knows each of us personally.  To me that is awesome and at sometimes overwhelming.  Why me?  With all the millions of people in this world, how does He have time to think of me??  Because He promises this!! Jeremiah 1: 5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I […]

  • THANK YOU for Letting me see through the Trees.


    I have heard many artists tell me their inspiration for their paintings are from nature, trees, landscapes, and the outdoors.  I have never been an outdoors person and while nature is beautiful to me, it just does not inspire my abstract paintings.  BUT, I love using nature to make my tools to use IN my […]



    There is one promise that I know without any doubt.  It is that God loves me unconditionally.  No matter how far away I might wander or walk, He is always there waiting for me and walking with me.  Fear, health issues, pain inflicted by a situation might influence that way we think about ourselves.  This […]

  • Not Perfect, But God Planned


    As I walked on the white shores of my favorite Florida beach, I saw this beautiful, but broken shell in the sand.  It was not perfect. It was cracked and yet, it sat proudly on the sand waiting for someone to enjoy its beauty as it was. I picked up the shell for my collection […]