Why I do Not Worry about Social Media Numbers

Many people have asked me why I don’t worry about my numbers in social media. This doesn’t mean that I don’t post regularly and put a lot of effort into my postings. It’s just that I don’t obsess over the numbers. Whether it’s the lack of numbers or how they’re looking and let me tell you why.

If God is the ultimate control in our life, then He will provide that path that I need as an artist, in my business, in my sales, in my growth in my ability. I firmly believe this includes taking control down to the tiniest detail which includes my social media. The Bible talks says that God knows every strand of hair on our head so if that is true, don’t you think He is in control or our art business, every single aspect of it.

Here’s another interesting point to consider. God knows ahead of time what paintings are going to sell, when they’re going to sell and who’s going buy them? So, I firmly believe that God is in total control of all details of my art business. Now where does this leave me? This leaves me to believe that it is my job to be good stewards with my time, my money, my talents and work hard to protect my gifts that he’s given me.

 So if God has such total control over my life, then I don’t need to worry about small things such as social media numbers.

God wants us to stop worrying so that we can have such victory in him. Satan would love nothing more than keep us in a state of anxiety and fear of where our business is going. If we get so wrapped up in worrying about social media numbers, who’s making comments, why we are not selling, etc, we are not being good stewards of the talents God has basically given us.  God has given each of us gifts and don’t you think He will be there to take care of us and our business every single day?   God wants us to overcome all of our fears with His power and strength.

Here’s a verse to ponder.  God says in Matthew 6:34. “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” We may not be able to stop all that is happening in the world or stop things from happening  in our life, but the one thing that we can do is stop worrying about what might happen.
God already knows the outcome.

So what are some of the things that I would like to impart to you as an artist, a creative being? I honestly feel from talking to many other artists, when they cannot get into our studios, we start to get very anxious and then this anxiety starts to bring on worry and doubt.

Creatives need that adrenaline rush that creating gives us.  For you it might be your exercise routine, or writing  a book, or even cooking in the kitchen.  There is this cycle that happens when we get anxiety about something, we stop creating, or doing what we love and in turn that produces more sadness UNTIL and for some, this over whelming worrying happens.

God has given each of us a gift.  Then He has given us each a desire to pursue that gift, but we have to still do the work.

The solution is to ensure as a creative that we nurtured this gift every day and care for it. Even if we can only do a small creative action a day, this will produce those serotonin’s that that seems to bring this happiness into our daily life.  

But if we let anxiety over take our day, it starts to over take our hours and then EVERYTHING until we feel paralyzed to even dare to let our God even talents have time to grow. That is when we start to worry about the small things in our world….  God wants us free to be the creative beings we were created to be.

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