You Cannot Out Give God

A very special time is that first cup of coffee, when I open a book of devotionals that I hope to have talk to me about those things that God has been wanting me to hear.  I feel as if it those words on the page of this magical book that will contain the words I need to hear and heed for that day. 

I was told many years ago that you cannot out give God. Time after time I have actually felt this phenomenal in my life. Many times I can directly point to when God bestowed His love upon me with an art sale or an incredible email from someone with my time I took to have my devotions. This simple act of sitting down and “hearing” what He has for me, even if it is a couple moments in the morning seems to always be blessed. I recently had three large sales of my artwork when I let God lead.

The Broken Space 36″ x 36″ SOLD!!

Am I more prone to accepting God’s gifts or is it true that God allows His blessing to be shown in a tangible way when I take the time to allow Him to show me?  How many times am I too busy to put Him first and rush into my day?  I hesitate to be honest here.

I know God is with me every day and as I grab my book of devotions, I eagerly await what words He has for me to hear or even learn. I often wonder if the words I read on that page are the same another soul will read or did God wipe the page clean to fill that page with the words He wanted only me to read. 

I honestly think the latter 

My words of wisdom for you today is to allow God to talk to you.  Even if you feel you do not deserve His love or do not know Him, take a moment to listen for His word, they are there, we just have to turn our head and listen. 

You cannot out give God!

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