The Gift God Has Given Me are Perfect for ME!

God talks about how He knows each of us personally.  To me that is awesome and at sometimes overwhelming.  Why me?  With all the millions of people in this world, how does He have time to think of me??  Because He promises this!!

10″ x 10″ “Analysis of Desire”

Jeremiah 1: 5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.”

This says volumes.  God knew me even before I was created!!  So it makes sense to me that if He took that much time to form me, He will make sure to take care of me.

It was not in my youth that I truly realized the fact that God had given me a gift to paint.  (OK, some of you might disagree, and that is OK!!!) Romans 12: 6 – 8 talks about giving to me my gift(s).  I always loved art, music, drawing, creating, and painting, but did not pursue these desires full time until later in life.  I did dabble in the creative forms but pursued a more academic career.  

I honestly felt that God was speaking to me quietly.  There was not a day that went by that I did not have this nagging desire to pursue my art.  

I learned a valuable lesson.   I honestly feel we are to find out what things we are good at and then devote ourselves totally to pursue these things.  They are gifts from God. It is like this cycle, God gives us what we desire and we desire what gifts God has given us!!

If we try to pursue what others are good at and ignore what we are good at, we will fail!!  We might not be gifted in that area, BUT if we honestly look for what we are good at and pursue that gift, we will truly find joy and fulfillment in life.  I AM A WALKING TESTIMONY of this. 

We are each unique in our creation. We each have a special purpose. I guess if I were to try to say an encouraging word to your today, it would be to make the most of your special gift.

2 responses to “The Gift God Has Given Me are Perfect for ME!”

  1. I love what you said and God is such a good and amazing God who knows us and our every need.

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