THANK YOU for Letting me see through the Trees.

I have heard many artists tell me their inspiration for their paintings are from nature, trees, landscapes, and the outdoors.  I have never been an outdoors person and while nature is beautiful to me, it just does not inspire my abstract paintings.  BUT, I love using nature to make my tools to use IN my artwork!!!  I make the most incredible paint brushes from branches I find!!!

As many of my recent blogs have alluded to, I had a health situation that slowed me down until I could understand it and manage it.  I slowed down and when I did, I started noticing things I never did before because my mind was resting and not this crazy cycle of being a busy creator.  I was in the state of taking IN more than putting out of my energy. 

As I was vacationing one day, I looked up and saw this most beautiful scenery of two trees reaching for each other. I stood there for some time and just wondered at the beauty of the branches winding all over the place creating shapes that could only be created by natures wonderful endless boundaries.

I felt almost engulfed in its beauty and found myself wondering how many years it took for each branch to create such structure. Only an awesome God could have created this wonder!

I noticed how the branches were thicker in some places like they stood still for a bit and rested before continuing their journey outward.  I noticed how some branches grew backwards as to revisit where they came from and then took off in another direction.  There was NO plan, they just trusted the sun and the water to allow them to continue to grow.  NO PLAN!!!  Wow, to go through life with such faith in their Creator to not have a plan, but to just grow was humbling for me. 

I also saw one tree reaching for the other tree almost like this sweet game … in no hurry, but with the enjoyment of its quest to touch the other limbs.  Just before one limb was touching the other trees limb, it diverted in another direction like a child running from their mother giggling.

God says in Psalm 1:3  “He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season. And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.”  I did not know this verse until I came inside and looked for verses on trees but noticed the same thing I did when I was outside looking at the trees!!  They prosper in their own way!!!

While I still love using branches in my artwork, I treasure them differently. I look at the knots in the bends and the thickness of each branch. I see how weather has worn into each branch now. I see imperfections, but I treasure their beauty!!

Taking the time to enjoy nature, let God speak to me through His creation of trees brought new excitement for me when I use a branch to create marks with.

Thank you, God, for slowing me down for a time to see this lesson.  I will NOT forget it’s power in changing my heart.

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