God Paints my Canvas with His Love

Many times, I paint when I am angry or sad.  I call these paintings my emotional paintings as there are filled with incredible marking, textures, and layers. I have to say, my angry paintings really turn out great as they have a lot of movement and marks.  Of course, there are times I paint when I just feel like painting, but during those times, I like to turn on Puccini or cello music to inspire my movements.  

“My Significance of the Undefined” a 24” x 36”

Emotional painting can be a roller coaster.  I have found that emotions can actually become a habit in my life and can become unhealthy if I do not keep a watchful eye on how to balance my emotions. I also know that I all I must do is ask God to heal my broken soul.

At first, I am raw and feel alone almost as if I were with others, they might see my rawness. The pain is heavy. God’s healing is powerful, but I have to take that step to allow God to take my pain to let the healing begin.

When I paint layers, there are areas I paint over to vail those areas to allow another area to be revealed.  Scraping in the wet paint allows this new area to be born but allows some of the underneath painting to still be seen.  As an artist, I am in control of how much I cover up and how much I allow to be seen from beneath. This is powerful.

It reminds me of God’s love for me as He is the artist over my life and when He paints over my canvas, He knows how to heal my broken soul. He knows just the perfect amount of paint to put on my canvas and where to put it. If he covers up my entire canvas it is like He is covering my all my pain.  If He allows the underpainting to still have areas to be seen, He knows what is best for me.   

When you are hurting in your life, you may think for a while that the pain will never end or go away. You might feel that the situation will be there for the rest of your life.  But, as you walk with God, He can heal the pain completely. 

God is the artist of my canvas and His create is perfect.

2 responses to “God Paints my Canvas with His Love”

  1. You write so well and I love what you said…I totally agree thanks for sharing

    1. thank you for your comment Mary!!

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