Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Our Desires are all in His Plan.

Many times we ask ourself, how do we know what God’s will for our life is? Let me start by saying we are pretty much asking ourselves what does God want me to do tomorrow, or next week, or …. some time in the future.  To help myself through this question I have drawn the following conclusion.  Now, this is just my thoughts so I hope they help you.

God wants us to live each day of our life for Him.  I also feel He wants us to use the talents He gave us and the gifts He gave us.  He gave us all gifts and talents that we use everyday and I also believe He gave us desires.  That is all a beautiful plan He crafted.  SOOO, if we can paint and create, that is a gift God have us, it only makes sense (to me) that His plan for our life is to use that gift somewhere.  If He gives you the talent to be a leader, then perhaps we need to not be afraid of stepping in front of the crowd and leading! In other words, live for today, trust today in your desires.  I really think God put desires in our hearts to let us know the path He wants us to go.  I meant think about it.

In other words, we live by faith, trusting in the Lord today, fine tuning those gifts and talents He gave us, by this process God is preparing us for future service and HE will get us to where He wants us.

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