Saturday, January 26, 2013. Why me?

I talked to a friend yesterday and found out she had breast cancer and told me she had never been sick a day in her life.  No one in her family had cancer and her biggest question was “why me?”  She was fine one day and after a routine mammogram, she was facing the big “C”.  I have never heard her talk about God in the past, but today she did.  She knows my walk with God, so felt comfortable to tell me she felt God wanted her to learn something, or as she indicated, this was what people were telling her right now.  She wanted to know what God wanted her to know.

I was not sure what to tell her, but here is what was in my heart that I shared.  I told her that sure, that could be the case, but perhaps she was also supposed to be strong for someone else that would be going through the same cancer treatments and her going down the path now was to show her friend the way someday in the future.  Or perhaps being strong (she felt she was not) was going to be the beacon of strength for someone else.

I am not sure God allows sorrow and pain in our life for us to learn something.  When I lost many babies due to miscarriage, I was able to talk to many other women in my path later on that needed someone to understand them.  God must love my friend right now to allow this to be in her life.  I look forward to walking with her through this to see how God will work through her.

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