Monday, January 7, 2013. Resolutions or Restitution’s??

I got to thinking about the New Year and how many of us, me included think about “resolutions” for our new year and what we want to start doing or in most cases, do “right!”  I thought about the word resolution and thought to myself, mine are all restitutions!!!  Is that a bad thing?
So, I looked up the word restitution and found that this word meant “the act of restoring.”  At my age, I have a lot to restore and that is a good thing.  We all make resolutions every year, whether or not we call them by another name.  Psalm 51:12 says “Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”  I got to thinking, it is not the resolution we made that will make us successful in keeping our promise, it is the willing heart, the willing spirit.  It is also this joy of life and our walk with God. I own my company and yet I cannot be a success alone.  I need my family, my business partner and first and foremost, I need God.  So, ANY resolution, and restitution I pen down in my journal, I want to make sure it is not just pen on paper, I want it to be prayerfully penned.  Whether your walk with God is strong or just a breathe let His arms support your resolutions.  I love you all.

One response to “Monday, January 7, 2013. Resolutions or Restitution’s??”

  1. This is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    Much love,

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