Tuesday, January 1, 2013. Walls we have build in 2012.

While up in the mountains this past Christmas, I sat and watch a young couple throw snowballs at each other.  After about 10 snow balls hit the young woman, she decide to protect herself and she started building a wall of snow to hide behind.  She piled more and more snow on her wall to protect herself.  The young man was trying as hard as he could to hit her, unaware of the wall she was building, he was focused on hitting her with a fresh snowball.  She was not even dodging the snow balls anymore, she was more intent on getting her wall up for protection.  I thought about how as women, we do this in our own life’s.  Men seem to put feeling in a room within a window and close the door and move on.  What men do not understand is that once a woman builds that wall of protection, it is only her that can take it down.  The more snowballs of hurt that are thrown, the higher or deeper the wall becomes.  We build them in silence to those around us.  Have you build a wall yourself?  Are you hiding behind a wall to feel safe.  Do you occasionally take down some of the wall then build it back up again?  I think we all build walls of some sort.

One response to “Tuesday, January 1, 2013. Walls we have build in 2012.”

  1. Youre right we definately build up walls as a mechanism ,so that we dont get hurt .I have done that alot in relationships ,to protect myself , and in turn I feel like I scare people away . we have to knock down the walls, in order to feel connected to the world again . keep up your blog , it helps others, and yourself to realize your not alone. . Love Dee

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