Friday, January 11, 2013. Love has many Seasons

I am watching a romance bloom with the excitement of new love.  Each other learning about each other.  The little things do not bother the other and each finds those little things actually cute.  Kindness is forefront and consideration is paramount.  My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years.  The cute way I slept has turned into an annoying snore and I am awaken often with a slight push!!  It is blamed on our cat actually.  Love in the English dictionary provide pretty much one definition, “a strong affection for a person or thing”.  But as we do further research, we also find the Greek language provides us different ways the word “love” is used.  Agape love:  the Bible speaks to this word as true love, a sacrificial love or the unconditional love of God. (Corinthians 13).  Then there is the “Philia” love, the friendship or affection love for a loyal friend or family member.  This includes the love of being together.  Now, “Storge” love in modern Greek means natural affection.  This reminds me of the love you have for your children no matter what they do.  “Eros” love which is the passionate love and desire expressed for each other.
I think as there are many definitions for the word love, we can all feel these types of love, all at once, some more than others and even feel several of them for the same person.
As we mature through life, we experience levels of pain, loss, joy, contentment, hate and hurt.  All these make a mark on our life.  Some make a deeper mark than others.  I like to call them the seasons of our life.  As we grow in our relationships or as individuals, we react to the life situations all in different ways.  As I had to live through miscarriages, losing my sibling, getting sick, building my business, seeing my parents get older and just getting older myself, I had to let go of some dreams and found myself finding other dreams.  As I was going through my seasons of my life, my love for my husband took different shapes and directions.  Sometimes I did not feel like loving anyone.  Sometimes I wanted more love and a simple touch was not enough.  There were days I wanted assurance of security.  Love takes many forms in our life.  Even though we are not in the stages of the initial romantic whirlwind, we still love, we still care, we still need love; it might just look different.
You know, there was one love that never changed.  That of God’s love.  No matter what season I am in, God’s agape love is unwavering.

2 responses to “Friday, January 11, 2013. Love has many Seasons”

  1. This is by far my favorite blog….. My heart is deeply touched! The reminder that God’s love is never changing, “unwavering…” and something we can always fall back on when there’s nothing left.

    Love you Mrs Wilson! Keep writing ❤

  2. Thats beautiful,and so true.

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