Not Perfect, But God Planned

As I walked on the white shores of my favorite Florida beach, I saw this beautiful, but broken shell in the sand.  It was not perfect. It was cracked and yet, it sat proudly on the sand waiting for someone to enjoy its beauty as it was. I picked up the shell for my collection as for me, it was a beautiful example of a life washed with years, perhaps rough waters, but a survivor placed on the shore softly by the waters tide.

As an artist, I strive in my art journey for growth and improvement, but never for perfection as I know as an artist, I can always improve in my style.  My style actually does not lean toward perfection as abstraction is subjective.  The mere striving for a path of personal growth and improvement is enough for me. I love the imperfections in my paintings and actually strive for these unexpected marks.  I hope you get where I am heading here. 

While I reflect on this newly added shell in my collection of treasures, I am reminded of how imperfect I am as a person and I am OK with this.  Actually God has taught me that perfection is not always perfect for my life as I am like one of my abstract paintings, slowing being created and molded!!  God is till working on me!!  But what I do know is God knows what is perfect for my life and what the path I am to walk on looks like! Do you know how good that feels to know God has me covered, every second of my day?  I have learned that perfectionism is a narrow, intolerant expectation that I will never make mistakes or have any imperfections.  No one can live to that standard.

I have spoken in previous blogs of a new fear I have had in my life due to a health situation that happened suddenly and overtook my mind.  I have had to calm my soul and my mind like never before.  I know God has me, but this fear is so strong, I had to hourly decide on faith up close like I had never done before.  I am still working on this!!!

I challenge you to lean more on God’s path and not your own understanding. Perfect peace is waiting, I promise.

2 responses to “Not Perfect, But God Planned”

  1. Beautifully stated

    1. thank you so much for your comment!

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