What Will You Put On Your Blank Canvas?

by Cheryl Wilson, Intentional Artist

We wake up each day to a new fresh blank canvas. WE can choose what we write in our own canvas. The brush is in your hand, the paint is wet, what are you going to write?

Will you write words of positive thoughts, kind words to encourage or will your brush paint negative notes and take you down a path to rob your joy.

20″ x 20″ It Happened at a Political Event!

I have been there, I have let negative thoughts after negative thoughts take over my mind and like soap suds with lot of water, these negative thoughts can take over and I have become overwhelmed with sadness.

Each day we can start off with a fresh attitude and a renewed look on our life. Even if your day yesterday was full of stress or sadness, People let you down, you found out your pain was still sharp, how are you going to write on your canvas today? Will you grab the newness of the day and embrace the opportunities that could be there?

I have had my share of hardships, I have also been incredibly broken. I have been in so much pain that I could not think of anything else, but I did not let those events write my story. I CHOOSE. When I write my own words, I choice to write positive words that will make me stronger. I choose to push those negative thoughts away and rewrite my story with positive words, even if I have to wipe off my words with white paint and start over.

Here are a couple things you can to to help.

  • Before sunrise each day, I start the day reading the Bible and asking for my day to be filled with God’s direction. There are times I fail this and instead put my agenda on the canvas and head down the path of getting in my own way to only find I missed the joy in waiting for God. God’s path which is ALWAYS better then my own.
  • Write on your canvas a gratitude list. If you woke up in the morning, you are alive and this is huge!!! Be thankful for that!!! What about all those in your family that are still on this earth. Be thankful for those people! One of the silly things I am grateful is a strong wonderful cup of black coffee!!!
  • Paint a Lemon!! No, actually, get a glass of water with lemon and drink. This actually helps you wake up and feel energized.
  • Get mentally organized and write down what you are going to do.

I hope you think about this, think about your beautiful blank canvas and what you are going to write or paint on your canvas. YOU DO have a choice. Make it a beautiful painting each day!!

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