What Does God have to do with my weight loss journey?

I pose the question to you: what does God have to do with my Weight Loss Journey?

One thing I do know is that I fully believe God wants me to be have a healthy body. He tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. But what does that mean?  I want to impress upon those that are taking their time to read this is that first, there is no mistake you are taking the time to read this and secondly, that unhealthy part of my journey was A PART of my journey.  I feel God allowed me to experience this path as I learned so much during this journey which in itself is such a love story.  God allowed me to grown when I was in a pretty bleak state.  Sometimes God allows us to go deep to know what the light looks like. That was my story.

I know when I was sorely overweight, I felt depressed and tired and this affected my thoughts, my art, my friendships, and so much more.  The guilt side of my kept saying:  “How could I be used by God if I was headed into a total health crisis?”  But God was loving and stayed there with me and did not give up.

The more overweight I got, the more I was dominated by feelings of defeat and inadequacy.  I determined my self-worth in the world by the number on the scale. I felt judged by people when I am sure was NOT always the truth.  I was also misled by thinking food was what I could turn to, to feel better.  When I was sad, I told myself I deserved that bowl of macaroni.  Then the more I made the wrong choice, the more I felt like I was failing.  This seeped into many parts of my life and how I looked at life.

Life became dim for me when things were compounded when I lost my mother.  I was dealing with a silent struggle and there were days that hope was dim.  I knew I loved God, which was what kept me focused on living, but those dim days were dark.  

I know I am not alone in this thought pattern.  Which leads me to say to you:


I want to focus the next several of my blogs focusing on verses that can help in our health journey.  It is not just about losing weight, it is about a path to a healthy life. 

Losing weight with the focus on God walking with you changes the focus from your body to your soul and that lasting lifestyle change begins in your heart.

This is only the first part of a series I want to share with you on how God spoke to me and is still speaking to me on this journey of health.  I HAVE DO MUCH TO SAY…. So hang on.

FREEDOM is on the way!

I LOVE YOU. Cheryl Wilson, Optavia Health Coach.

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