Can God use us if we are a mess? Yep!!

woman in sunriseI recently got a call from someone that I had not talked to for a couple years. This woman was a mentee of mine and at the point we stopped weekly communications, I felt she needed to stand on her own and that she did not need me anymore.

When she texted me last week to ask if she could set up a time to talk, I wondered how she had been, what she had been doing, how her career was doing and whether or not she had worked out some of the issues she had been struggling with.

As I wait for the call, there was a thought, did I say the right things to her to help her move on? What was she going to tell me? You see, there was such excitement in her text (yes you can read into texted words). When her call came, she still had the excitement in her voice and she thanked me for taking her call. After we exchanged our pleasantries, I asked her what was new in her life and what her exciting news was. She went on to tell me that her job she had just started when we stopped meeting was sending her overseas for a year to work and she was so excited.

As she talked, she mentioned several times a platitude of some sort and then would end the sentence, you know you taught me that! She filled me in on how strong she was and how she had grown. I was so happy for her. She was like a small frail bird at one time that took her flight and now was strong and had wings of air.

As we ended the call, she told me that what helped her was my words I gave her when we worked together. She said she never gave up her dream to be strong and that she knew she had to take steps that scared her to know that she was not going to fall down, but that each step was going to make her stronger.

I reminded her that the words were not mine but always God’s words. I gave her advice I learned from having to take the same scary steps.   I remember times when I was faced with questions I wondered, where am I going to get the words to help this young woman, and then I would let God speak through me to her.

I did not need the strength, I just needed to let God speak through me. I needed to let God use me as a beacon. There were times I really did not want to go met her because I wanted to stay curled up in my warm bed, but I knew God had words she needed to hear and I was the beacon God needed to use.

My challenge to you is to always listen to what God is telling you and always take that step to let Him guide you. Helping others is hard to do when we are needing help ourselves. I know this more than anyone else!!! But God does not always use the strong out there to help others, he uses those that are weak and most of all willing. Be willing.

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