Turn on Your Music and Dance

rose music - CopyI cannot remember how many times I have told other women to be kind to themselves after they have shared with me some story from their heart.  I have to remember many times to tell myself that too!!

I think as women we are too hard on ourselves.  We take care of others (I think this is a trait born into almost all women whether we chose it or not), we take care of our pets, we clean our homes, we work as hard as men on our jobs and then we take care of our husbands.

Like this morning. I did not sleep well last night and was up a lot. I have a huge training presentation to work on and I needed my sleep. So about 4am I had just fallen into a deep sleep, much needed too!! and my husband rushed into the room with his lunch box on his way out the door to ask for his lunch. Now, did I look like I was excited to jump out of a warm bed to get him a sandwich when he was perfectly able to make one himself? Well, actually, I am not sure he had even made a sandwich himself, but you know what I mean.

I wanted to throw something at the voice coming from the door, but the only thing close was a soft pillow I WAS USING, so that was not an option. I softly said, did you look on the top shelf on the lunch space for your sandwich. He said no, I thought I would ask you if you made one. I said, well, go look, I think you will find one I already made for you last night.

Now that I am actually up and ready to work after my 2 cups of coffee and green tea with honey (my promise to my new daughter Addy) I can now think. My husband can make his own lunch, he is an engineer. But he will go without lunch if I do not make him one (or go have someone else make one at a restaurant!) But, I have to remember, he likes me to make his lunch. Instead of being mad at him for broken hands on this task, I need to be humble and be happy someone does need me.

What if I did not have a husband, or a friend? What if I did not have a little fuzzy animal that needed me to take her out at night? When I needed a hug or someone to listen to my story, he would not be there. When I was working on my training slides, my fuzzy friend would not be at my feet to remind me she loves me.

I titled this blog as turn on your music and dance. Many times, we need to turn on music to remind us of our happiness. Music tends to do that to us. Ephesians 5:9 says: “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

Women, first, be kind to yourself today and listen to what God has for you today. Turn on your music and dance and let your hearts heal.

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