Sunday, January 13, 2013. God knows our secret dreams….


Most of your know I live daily with pain.  I have FM.  Fibromyalgia, a pain that is in the entire body and there is no cure.  Lately I have been battling pain in my shoulder, arm, neck that is almost debilitating.  Doctors have sent me to PT with no benefit.  I have tried everything my friends tell me about…. even recently the “dry needle!!!”  There are hours and days I am in more pain than I can deal with.

I am not complaining, I am actually rejoicing.   With this disease, I have learned to really appreciate everything, everyday.

Also as most of you know I started my own business last year. I joined my company with my business partner.  I was asked to be a Key Note speaker in Vienna, Austria at the 2012 Euro Risk Summit.  I was fearful to take this journey…. how could I tote my luggage, handle a long flight, deal with being away from a doctor if I need one? God opened a door for me and I walked through.  When God opens a door He walks through that door with you, He does not just push you inside and say, good luck!!!

God knew one of my life long dreams was to travel in Europe one last time before I was too crippled to travel.  I wanted to see Italy, the Eiffel Tower, Rome, Venice, Florence and eat spaghetti!!

Here is how God worked. I introduced my business partner to the summit and he was asked to be the lead for one of the risk tracks and speak with me.  So off we went to our speaking engagement and … yes, I was able to visit all those places in my dreams.  I will never forget the smells of Italian cooking, the sounds of the long train trip to Venice, the feel of the Eiffel Tower to my fingers, the sight of people from all over the world in Rome and the experience of speaking at an International Summit.

If I were to ask you to take one thing away from my experience, I would want you to know that God knows our dreams, even ones we thing we will NEVER get to experience, HE knows.  When I stop during my busy day to have an espresso, I go back to my summer when God showed me once again He knows.

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