Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Beautifully Packaged

Being a woman is a gift.  We are a package that is unique and beautiful.  Many of you that know me have known I struggle with weight.  But the struggle that I have had to deal with more than the weight has been the way I view myself.  I judge myself by the way I thought others would react to me.  When I lost weight, I felt like I was beautiful and that I had the world opened in front of me. When I have more weight on me than I want, I also am critical and think others are too of me.  Being both thin and heavy, I can tell you that it is what you are inside that makes the difference.  People around you will react to what you put out there. I guess I can blog about this as I have experienced it first hand.  Remember when I said I have had to revisit the word “believe”?  Well, I challenge you to look beyond your weight and believe in you.  That is what others will see. As a woman, we are wonderfully made by our Creator.  No matter how you think you look, or how you think you should look, stop wasting time my dear friend……  If you used to sing, start singing loud, if you used to do art, get out those paint brushes and paint, if you used to write, fill that pen with ink and write a poem……  You are a gift packaged with a bow and beautiful paper.  The first step is to … take that first step.  Let me know how you are doing.  We can walk this walk together.

One response to “Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Beautifully Packaged”

  1. Beauty is not in the face or the body ;Beauty is a light in the heart “Kahlil Gibran” .

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