Tuesday, Christmas Day, December 25, 2012

I cannot think of a better day than Christmas Day to start my blog called RubyProse.  Christmas Day is a day where things seem already magical and new.  Is everything in my life magical right now, no, but I like to think that the word I have heard in almost every Christmas movie I have watched “Believe” is true.

I am 56 years young.  I have seen the role of a woman change in my journey through life.  I have seen the way women have changed, made change happened, and sometimes forced change.  The role of the woman in business, even in my business has changed.  Today, I own my own business.  But what has not changed is the basic fundamental soul of a woman.  I “believe” this as I believe God created a woman just perfectly.  God said many years ago in Proverbs 31:10:  “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” The dictionary describes a ruby as a precious stone that is deep to pale red and somethings shows a hint of purple.  When it is cut, it shows off a brilliant light deflecting cast.  It is a limited stone found in places like Thailand, Sri Lanka and north central Burma.   It is said that when exposed to high temperatures, the ruby will change to a green color but will regain its original color when it cools off.

I started off talking about the word believe and what I “believe in” are women.  No matter where we are in our walk, whether we believe in God, or believe in miracles, or believe women should be more like men, we are all women.  We were created to be different than a man and for that, I want to celebrate.   God made man, but he created a woman.

I hope in my journal of blogging in RubyProse that my journey of happiness, joy, loss, sorrow and growth (still growing) that I can be of some comfort to you in some way.  As the word “believe: is one word that has so much meaning of me, I hope if only one word or thought I can share will help you through your journey.

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