Enjoy Your Journey

Act 20:24 says: …. ” so that I might finish my course with joy,…”

There are days I wake up and feel depleted quickly from many weights that seems to be on my shoulders. I am normal in that I do worry about things and ponder things. I do have the ability to quickly parse these thoughts into their proper avenues but there are days I want to just pull the covers over my head and not expose myself to the daylight and what pain I might perceive awaits me.

I am robbing myself of the joy that awaits me in my day. I know this but that power to roll over with another cup of coffee and forget my timelines is strong.

So what do I do on these days? I get out of my routine and do something that will awake myself inner self again. Adding variety to your life is actually rather simple. Like instead of taking my coffee back to bed where it is too easy to stay there longer than I need to, I open the back deck and breath in the fresh air with my cat, Diva.

Many times I throw on some clothes and drive over to one of my favorite coffee shops with a notebook and enjoy some coffee while writing whatever comes to my mind. Soon I am inspired and energized for the day.

You can make your coffee at home, but it is just not the same as that stepping out to breath fresh air and going on a short adventure.

Enjoy your journey. There is an office park close by me that has a pond where ducks go to play. There are times I will take my cup of coffee over there to sit and enjoy the nature.

God wants us to have joy in our life. He does not want us to be sad and continue in that sadness day after day. Finish your course with joy.

The Desires of Our Heart….Whose Dream is it?

181122 24x24 When one Dream Comes to and End, There is always another
24×24 When One Dreams Comes to an End

I have always heard the verse “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  This verse is found in Psalm 37:4.  But what does it mean when God says he will give us the desires of our heart!!  Does that mean I can list all the things I want and push that list up to God in a prayer like a list children do and send off to Santa? 

You might read that verse and focus on the second part of the verse as it might look more appealing!!!  BUT, of course the result will be quite disappointing.  The sentence is structured to read the first part of the sentence first….  “Delight thyself also in the Lord”….  to make this clearer, it means something like this….  Make God the object of our desires.  I feel the verse is saying He will in turn give us our desires. 

I also think that if we make God the object of our desires, follow Him, pray for His direction, our hearts will be so right with God that our desires will be what is best for us! 

The question many people face almost daily is whether or not their desires are covetousness selfish wants. So how can we know our desires are from God?  Again, read the first part of the verse, “delight in the Lord.”   When we allow God’s word to renew our hearts and mind and we allow God to have His way in our hearts, we will find our desires are in alignment with His will and our desires are His desires for our life.  

When I started my art venture several years ago, a complete opposite direction from my professional career path, I promised myself I would NOT do it alone.  In other words, I did not just list all the things I wanted as an artist and expect this list to be fulfilled.  I put my entire art path in God’s hands.  I asked for complete direction and took my hand off the door handle and let God open all the doors for me.  

In turn, I never worry about my art business because my path is already planned, each corner I turn!!  Even down to the little things like the sale of that next painting or where I will show my art. Putting God as the first person I talk to each day, the one I ask for guidance for any decision, allows me the peace in knowing my path is already sanctioned by God.  Does this mean I sit back and not work hard, but expect opportunities to fall into my path?  Absolutely NO.  Most that know me will say I am one of the hardest working people they know. 

The difference is, there is this walk in such faith that I have because I have asked for guidance by God that I know the desires in my art world are in sync with God.