God Has a Plan, I just follow it….

by Cheryl Wilson, Artist with Faith

I do not have to worry about my art journey because my God has a plan for me …. all I have to do is follow it ……   Are there times I forget, well, yes, for a moment.  But that moment is short as God has time over time shown Himself to have a plan for me that is absolutely perfect.  I choose to trust Him.

I know my best days are the days I start my day with a prayer to God … I open my heart to HIS perfect plan before I head down to my art studio to paint.  This actually had to become a habit.  It is normal for our minds to start planning our day the moment we wake up, our feet hit the cool floor and we rush to get a cup of coffee.  One rushed moment after another can lead us into forgetting to stop and start our day the right way. It is so easy to put talking to God to the end of the day … or to just forget it altogether!! 

Plan your prayer time…….

This habit of talking to God for me, had to actually be planned into my day.  As I am a planner, making sure there was a plan in my morning was critical. There is a saying…. “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  So, I even add a time to pray into my planner.  This might sound easy, but it can get pushed off so easily.  When you add this in writing into a planner, soon that event, that planned moment turns into a habit, you will never forget it!!

If God had a plan for my life, why would I NOT want to follow it?  Why would I want to follow some other path?  I learned years ago that God’s plan is perfect, mine is not.

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