God Paints my Destiny with His Angel’s Wings

My thoughts on God’s path as I paint with Indian Ink freely. Full Video is on my FaceBook Page. https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.wilson.9849

God, I put my path in your brush
You create the lines of my life.
You paint the lines of my future
And as the ink is revealed on the canvas, you reveal my destiny

Please allow me to flow in your perfect timing
Let me trust in your brushstrokes

Let me acknowledge the freedom in your perfect plan

I will allow your brush strokes to paint my walk
I will allow the drips of the paint to color my thoughts

As you create me with each stroke, uniquely placed on the canvas
I will not question nor will I hesitate to express the life I feel you are painting in me

I will instead breathe as I allow your art to show me what I am here for
I will be brave and strong and not fearful
I will embrace the unknown as I know the unknown is already known by you.

My dear God in Heaven, paint my path, and let me exist in your perfect purity
I will explore with no fear. I will step out without knowing where my steps will land
As I know you will paint my canvas with the wings of your angels.

Here I am Lord, send me anywhere, as long as you go with me.

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