Sunday, December 30, 2012, Wear your shine everyday!

Wear shiny sequence everyday and never let anyone take away your shine!!
When I clean my house, I turn on the tunes and dance around cleaning without a plan.  If I am in one room, I will clean until something distracts me to another room and off I go into that room with no plan and tackle a space.  I like to clean that way and cleaning is not a chore.  For years when my dear husband came in and turned the tunes down, or commented on my craziness, it took away some of my shine.  I let him do that to me.!  I learned that I did not have to stop dancing just because someone told me I had to or put an obstacle in my way.  I control my emotions, my reactions and my shine.

If someone is taking away your shine revisit how you are reacting.   Make it a point to wear sequence everyday and shine.  Even a piece of shine under your high powered suit or your car pool jogging outfit will put you in the mood to dance within.

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