• Warrior Woman Pose: A Woman with Faith


    I have always been a support to other woman with encouragement and prayers. I would speak of God’s peace and the extreme need for an unwavering faith.  I would speak to fear and how to overcome any fear in faith. However it was not until recently that I was faced with a health event that […]

  • God Has a Plan, I just follow it….


    by Cheryl Wilson, Artist with Faith I do not have to worry about my art journey because my God has a plan for me …. all I have to do is follow it ……   Are there times I forget, well, yes, for a moment.  But that moment is short as God has time over time […]

  • Enjoy Your Journey


    Act 20:24 says: …. ” so that I might finish my course with joy,…” There are days I wake up and feel depleted quickly from many weights that seems to be on my shoulders. I am normal in that I do worry about things and ponder things. I do have the ability to quickly parse […]

  • Who Controls our happiness?


    Recently I started learning a new dance call the “West Coast Swing.” It is such a challenge as that as a woman I have to truly know my part and hold my own destiny in my steps or I will not be able to dance my part. In the Waltz or some other dances, I […]

  • how do we gain from god the true desires of our heart?


    I know I am not alone in wondering this question, i feel it in my bones. And the answer is actually very easy, but sometimes the things right in front of our cute noses we just do not see. As I enter 2020 and I am secure in myself, but I find I still desire […]

  • God Paints my Destiny with His Angel’s Wings


    My thoughts on God’s path as I paint with Indian Ink freely. Full Video is on my FaceBook Page. https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.wilson.9849 God, I put my path in your brush You create the lines of my life. You paint the lines of my future And as the ink is revealed on the canvas, you reveal my destiny […]

  • Flawed Shells are Still perfect


    by Cheryl Wilson As I am migrating my way through my health journey, I have learned so many things about my body; things that work and things that are challenging for me.  I also know that I have choices in my journey and I need to embrace these choices.  I am in control of these […]

  • What Will You Put On Your Blank Canvas?


    by Cheryl Wilson, Intentional Artist We wake up each day to a new fresh blank canvas. WE can choose what we write in our own canvas. The brush is in your hand, the paint is wet, what are you going to write? Will you write words of positive thoughts, kind words to encourage or will […]

  • What Does God have to do with my weight loss journey?


    I pose the question to you: what does God have to do with my Weight Loss Journey? One thing I do know is that I fully believe God wants me to be have a healthy body. He tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. But what does that mean?  I want […]

  • He gives me His best!


    I just finished cleaning my suitcase from my trip to Florida…. and I found these beautiful seashells that I had packed in a special place to keep safe. While at the beach a few weeks past there was no one else out walking on this cool morning. But off in a distance, was this one […]