Cheryl Wilson, Artist

First and foremost, I am a Christian and without God as the center of my life, my art journey would be like a canvas without anything on it.

I just hold the brush; He directs my stokes. Each layer is divinely created by Him as I paint my faith.

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Paint my Faith

We are not supposed to just stare at a blank canvas, we are supposed to pick up the tools and use them. 

Every canvas is a journey.  Every layer made with one of my tools, my paint brush, my palette knife, my fingers is creating a part of my story.

Each layer is different, sometimes TOTALLY different from the one beneath, but they are all created by the same artist.

If I never pick up my tools and make that first stroke on my canvas, it will remain a blank canvas with no future, no history, no story.  It might be easier that way as not one can every criticize my style, but I am not here in this world to paint for anyone…. I am in this world to paint …. MY STORY.

Must of my story is my faith.  My faith has many layers and as each one was being painted; they each told a story that is my history. In a way, I painted my faith as I grew as an artist. 

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