I am 58 years young.  I have seen the role of a woman change in my journey through life.  I have seen the way women have changed, made change happened, and sometimes forced change.  The role of the woman in business, even in my business has changed.  Today, I own my own business.  But what has not changed is the basic fundamental soul of a woman.  I “believe” this as I believe God created a woman just perfectly.  God said many years ago in Proverbs 31:10:  “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” The dictionary describes a ruby as a precious stone that is deep to pale red and somethings shows a hint of purple.  When it is cut, it shows off a brilliant light deflecting cast.  It is a limited stone found in places like Thailand, Sri Lanka and north central Burma.   It is said that when exposed to high temperatures, the ruby will change to a green color but will regain its original color when it cools off.

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