About the Artist

Cheryl Wilson, Intentional Artist Walk in Faith

As an artist, I have been creating, exhibiting, and selling multi-layered & textured abstract paintings to collectors, corporations, and working with interior designers for nearly a decade. It is said that my painting are intuitive, embracing spontaneity allowing passionate paintings to be born through a transforming layering process of acrylics and inks. Each layer informs the next story of paint.  On any given day, my studio is filled with large canvases filled with layers of paint that tell my story. 

I want my art to be a place where each person can embrace their own individual style. I tells my clients….  “Your place should be as unique as you are!!  Your space is where you have your central importance, your voice, the place you re energize yourself.  You can be a loner there, or you can entertain to let others into your world.  It is one place you can feel like yourself and surround yourself with things that speak to you  and inspire you.  Your surroundings should tell YOUR personal story.”

  • I believe that your space should reflect YOUR inner voice
  • I believe your space should motivate you and calm you at the same time
  • I believe surroundings are unique and should lead to your clarity and joy

Cheryl xoxo

Artist working

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