Passionate enough to “Survive”

                          “Survivor” Painting my Cheryl Wilson When I painted this picture I called it “Survivor.” On my last brush stroke on this canvas, I cried. I have never felt the feeling of such deep connection to my own emotions and yet I was not even sure at that moment what the feelings meant? How could … Continue reading Passionate enough to “Survive”

Self-Reflection, part one.

There was another blog I wanted to write today, but I felt that I wanted to share with you a tool I use to help me reflect on who I am and who I feel God wants me to be. Psalm 139:14 says: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous … Continue reading Self-Reflection, part one.

How to “Get your Passion On!”

“The more you fail at being someone else, the more you succeed in become you.” I believe you cannot have true passion in your life without your walk with God being as sweet as it can be. Start your day with God and be sure to have this walk with Him first and foremost, but … Continue reading How to “Get your Passion On!”

Do you have Passion?

Passion means to have a very strong feeling about something or someone. It is an intense emotion. Recently, I painted a canvas with little regard to style, form, or design, I just let passion direct my hand into this painting and I painted what I felt. I posted this painting and within minutes, my painting … Continue reading Do you have Passion?